Therapeutic Spaces

For my PhD research I’m currently researching the impact that the design and function of a therapy space has on the therapeutic process itself.  My preliminary findings from interviewing clients and therapists on this topic has revealed some interesting perspectives and experiences.

I am about to collect data on this topic from therapists world-wide via a survey. If you are interested in being a participant I would love to hear from you. I am also collecting photos of therapy spaces, again, if you would like to submit a photograph of your therapy space and in return receive a free brief email consultation/feedback on your space please refer to my contacts page.

Trauma-Informed Education

Having spent considerable time working in various educational settings as a school counsellor I have a passion for supporting young people. Sadly, many young people have experienced or continue to experience significant trauma whilst attempting to reach their potential at school.

I am an advocate for increasing teachers awareness of the impact trauma can have on children and adolescents. As well as conducting current research in this field, I have developed specific workshops and provide consultancy to schools and leadership teams to become trauma-informed and to be able to enhance their understanding and apply trauma-informed approaches to their teaching practice.

Please refer to my contact link if you are interested in more information on these services.